Simple Clean Design

As a small Jackson MI business, we believe passionately that small shops are the back bone of the community.   Every business – especially the homegrown local artisan boutique  – just like yours, need to be on the web!

You have something that others don’t and Facebook isn’t enough to convey it.

3 Tips for Simple Clean Sites

Less Words

Web visitors rarely read text word for word.  A paragraph or two to convey a concept is enough.  If you want to say more, start a blog. 

Great Images

Don’t have any?  KellaWeb has access to professional images.  When taking your own, be very aware of the background.  Light and white work best. 

Attractive Animation

A little is a lot when it comes to animation.  Just a pinch is needed but not too much.  Without it, however, sites can be a little dry.  

All KellaWeb sites are produced using WordPress application, themes and plugins. 

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